I enjoy the pictures you chose to go with the social media theme! Being an internationalist, you must be a social media guru to be able to communicate and keep up with everyone back home! I like this stand back perspective of America, we would never hear these thoughts from someone living in the states.… Continue reading Comments

I made a Twitter just for this project

I am so glad that I decided to come to @stambrose. This place feels like home. 🐝🐝🐝  #COMM240 #StAmbrose — Natalie Jones (@nat_jones717) March 1, 2017 Natalie Jones showing her school spirit @HaleyBeert's thoughts the @FightingBeeBand's 2nd year is for the band to become more focused and have time to mature#StAmbrose #com240 — Cassy… Continue reading I made a Twitter just for this project