I enjoy the pictures you chose to go with the social media theme! Being an internationalist, you must be a social media guru to be able to communicate and keep up with everyone back home!

I like this stand back perspective of America, we would never hear these thoughts from someone living in the states.

This is a great description of a great article! As a college girl, I would subscribe to this article because of your post and how relatable it is! Nice use of media and way to keep it upbeat and positive to keep me engaged!

GroupMe is a great App! I love all the features you brought up except how I am the friend who has the android 😦 Android has features the iPhone doesn’t and is so much better but this app brings the two companies together to let all of us communicate with each other!

These are great recommendations for people to go do in the summer while staying on campus! I wish there were this many fun things to do when it’s not warm outside.

This sounds like a neat app, even better than Google Maps. I like the pictures you chose to represent the app, it makes me want to get it even more! I’m surprised I have never heard of it before.



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