A word to future bloggers

Dear bloggers of the future:

First of all, I hope you read this before getting into your own blog, I never read any advice as to what I should do while blogging, even for a class, so I kinda did what I wanted and whatever met the expectations of what blogs are supposed to be.

to blog or not to blog

The expectations of blogs are pretty simple based on the ones I have read and I know you have too, everyone has read at least one blog and we HATE when they are super long, have no pictures, and have big words that you don’t understand!! Ideally, we all want to read a blog that is right to the point, easy to understand every word, and possibly be made of bullet points with pictures. Here, let me make my advice to you into a bullet-pointed list:

  • Don’t be afraid to use humor and pop culture references to appeal to young audiences- older audiences might find it better too.
    • Mine always had a movie quote as the title, to sum up what I am going to write about (or have written about because you never know where your writing will lead your story by the end of your blog) it brings in movie gurus because they recognize the quote and are willing to read it then.
  • Experiment.
    • Try writing in different styles and see what floats your boat, it’ll make it more fun and easier to do what you enjoy.
  • Use Grammarly, it helps with more than spell check.
  • Set time aside to work on your blog.
    • Say, every Wednesday night before bed work on it and if you do not have it completely done, you still have time to finish and revise. It will be easier because you won’t be in a rush to do it the night before and after forgetting what you’re supposed to be writing about
  • Feel free to use contractions and small words that everyone understands.
  • Themes are nice. Just don’t dwell on them.
    • Like I said earlier, my theme was movies, I had movie quotes as titles and had gifs/pictures relating the blog’s topic to a movie. Any theme, even if it is just the color of the blog, will be eye appealing to readers. If I couldn’t find a movie quote to sum everything up, I just went with what I was writing about. Caring too much about themes will take away from your time spent actually writing the blog!
  • Be helpful and useful.
    • Blogs don’t have to be, probably shouldn’t be, long. Just make sure everything is relevant because rambling is a waste of time. Talk to people as if you were talking out loud because we’re all human beings, it’s just easier to read language that you use on a daily basis.
  • Have fun with it!!
    • It’s your blog, make it your own!!

himym blog


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