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Being a busy college kid is fun and all, always something to do and “downtime” is unheard of even when you desperately need some but try explaining that schedule to an outsider! I can hardly tell my parents when I’ll be home, trying to tell work when I can and cannot come in seems just about IMPOSSIBLE! One of the two places I work discovered the “When I Work” App which is the handiest app for the new generation who can operate their apps better than they can pick up the phone and call because we all hate calling!!

The “When I Work” App can be downloaded on your phone and allows you to request time off from the comfort of your own home, and have access to your calendar(s). Often times I would leave my phone in the car while working but when it came time to request time off I did not have my calendar to see my busy days. Now you can punch it in in advance or right when something comes up. Even if something comes up short notice there is a group chat on the app so your coworkers can help you out if a spot needs to be filled. I believe the employer has to have the app for this to work, a person could not just download it and work as smoothly as if everyone had it. My employers use it as a place to check in so it is hooked up to all the computers at the winery and employees can sign in the same way they sign into their phones to check their schedules. Since everyone has it on their phones, I guess they could sign in from their phone while sitting in the car before they go to work. Handy, huh?


I wish both places I worked had this feature because when I work retail I have to try to guess when I’m busy when I’m telling the managers when I need time off; when something comes up I have to call around to find a replacement for my shift without knowing the person on the other end of the phone; I have also gone into work thinking that I have to work and come to find out that I got the date wrong on my schedule. With the “When I Work” App solves all these problems and helps build a strong team of workers!



4 thoughts on “WhenIWork App

  1. Cassy, this is a great idea for an app. I wish that I had this app in previous summers when I worked in the food industry. Requesting time off, or just trying to adjust for unforeseen circumstances. Also building relationships with co-workers is never a bad idea!


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