“Sometimes You Gotta Do Things Yourself”

DIY = Do It Yourself, aka my FAVORITE projects. Here is a list of my top 10 favorite DIYs that I have made for 4H or have found on Pinterest and want to do when I get some free time!

1) Food*Screenshot (7)The best food is DIY, right out of your own home. Here I have some chocolate covered strawberries I made for a sweet treat.

                                             2) Bracelets*                                                        20161001_042047Bracelets are a common accessory that can be made by anyone of any age, kids like to make friendship bracelets or parachute bracelets for their friends.

3) ClothingScreenshot (13)Never have to worry about the store not having the size, color, or article of clothing you wanted when you could make your own. You could sew an item in your favorite piece of material, whatever color you wanted and made to fit just you! You can buy a pattern and tweak it to personalize it or you can make your own pattern from scratch.

4) T-shirt quilt*        Screenshot (6)T-shirt Quilts are my favorite sewing project! Not much is needed to make them, the tricky part is parting with beloved t-shirts but it is so worth it when you have a cozy blanket instead. I usually make my own pattern but Pinterest has all sorts of patterns for you to use.

5) Canvas Painting*    20170302_215539Although canvas can be expensive and paint can be messy, canvas painting is a great way to let your creative juices flow and create a unique piece of artwork!

6) Upcycled Projects*
Screenshot (8)Reuse, renew, recycle! For this project I had cardboard sitting around that was not going to be used so I sculpted an alarm clock out of cut up cardboard. There are a thousand things you could recycle though, whether that be plastic bottles/bottlecaps, CDs, old clothes like jeans, etc.

                                           7) Knit/crochet pieces                                                        Screenshot (11)Once you learn how to knit and crochet you can make millions of things: socks, sweaters, mittens, etc. to keep you warm in the winter.

8) String art Screenshot (10).pngString art has been super popular lately and quite inexpensive, just nail your design into a flat piece of wood and then use a different color of string to do the design

9) ScrapbookScreenshot (12)Scrapbooks are a great way to preserve memories of trips and life events because you can have pictures, captions, thought bubbles, stickers, whatever you want to add to make it YOURS.

10) Fairy Garden

Screenshot (9)

What better way to spruce up your garden than with a fairy garden just by adding mini plants, some houses or rocks or whatever else you might like to make a little village within an old flower pot.

Next time you’re feeling crafty and want to make something yourself check out my ideas that I have tried and found fun to do or aspire to do them yet! Plus, doing it yourself saves time and makes it way more personal 🙂

*My very own project

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