“Strike on the Tinder”

“I’m not looking for anything serious but..I am looking to meet people *wink wink*.” says every tinder user ever. Tinder is the way to meet people these days, it’s like going to a bar but with super powers, because you know who is into you and who to stay away from. Yes, it could be awkward when you have a class with them and never noticed them till you got to class but you did, in fact, meet a new person *wink*.


Tinder just seems like the best way to show that you are available these days and see who else in your area and age group are available because we are in college, why not use it? Some people have a really hard time when using tinder and don’t trust people enough to carry a conversation with someone they matched with, much less meet in person. My friend matched with a nice boy here on campus which would make you think they could hang out whenever and wherever they wanted but meeting people online is so sketchy. Their schedules do not seem to line up and it would be weird to go over to each other’s rooms without having met prior. They have been talking for 33 days through text and snapchat but have yet to meet, this is the issue with tinder and most dating sites. This is also an issue with being young and single and not knowing how to mingle (@me).

I, personally, did not find tinder to be useful because I swiped left on the people I recognized from around campus and the people I did match with were from off campus so I didn’t trust them enough to go meet them. The app is not struggling to find users so users must have figured out how to “meet” other people and how to become better at dating, a talent you are supposed to learn in college and while you’re young. Some find that getting swiped right on is a confidence booster and others have their self-esteem lowered from the site as a whole which is why the average length to use the app is 27 days, people delete it so quickly. On the bright side, there has been 10 billion matches made on tinder, 26 million matches made daily.

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