“Are you involved with the social media?”


We can all agree that social media is the biggest thing of our generation and has become our way of communication. The sites I use the most is Instagram, Snapchat (@cassy.heitman), GroupMe, Facebook, and Pinterest most of which I use on my phone since it is so easy to capture a picture of neat things going on in life and upload it within seconds, the catch is coming up with a clever caption to go with the picture and getting a lot of likes because that’s the competition everyone is in on.

Facebook is said to be for old people compared to our generation but I like the format and how easy it is to let my family and high school friends up to date about what is going on at school. I use my phone and get on to creep more than anything, I react to posts and I share a post or two every now and then but I rarely take the time to type out a post.

I prefer to post on Instagram where it’s a quick picture off your phone which makes people want to post more often and keep news feeds new and fresh. Similarly, snapchat lets you take a quick picture which saves time from writing words out and you can get straight to the point and you don’t have to save the picture and you can send it to as many people as you would like. Snapchat has come long ways with the new updates that let you save your pictures if you’d like, fun filters, the way you can see news stories based on your interests, stickers, and group chats! Any recommendations I have for snapchat they get updates shortly thereafter! I think snapchat will be around for a long time. GroupMe was my only way of having a groupchat before snapchat since I don’t have an iPhone. I like how you can have as many people as you want and you can have as many different groups as you want.


The ones I don’t use are Twitter and Skype just because I would rather use the alternative sites, Facebook and Instagram combined are basically Twitter and when I need to video call I just use FaceTime. There are ups and downs to everything and the world is changing so we should get on board with social media to keep up to date while it all updates and continues changing the world as we know it.



| Donnelly blog|         I enjoy the pictures you chose to go with the social media theme! Being an internationalist, you must be a social media guru to be able to communicate and keep up with everyone back home!



3 thoughts on ““Are you involved with the social media?”

  1. Great post Cassy! I totally agree with you on your opinion and how you use social media. I use it the same exact way! I like how you mentioned how people are fighting for Instagram likes, comments, and popularity because it is scary true. I used to use GroupMe all the time and I honestly only use Facebook for those yummy Tasty Videos. I like how you explained each social media application so people can truly understand what each one is.


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