“Get in loser, we’re going shopping”

A new holiday has seemed to create itself, at least in the retail world where back to school shopping is now the second biggest shopping season of the year! This ‘PR In Your Pajamas’ article is brought to you from the 60 Best Public Relations blogs of the year, ranked number 9 on the list.

The article brought new attention to mind, such that the average household spends $606 on school supplies where 17.2% of the entire year’s retail sales happen. Every store, from Staples who sells school supplies to Maurices who convince people they need new back-to-school clothes, seems to be impacted by this new “holiday” of going back to school. School starts at all different times for schools across the country ranging from July to September, the biggest peak in sales is July and August. After working at Maurices for the last two years I noticed we sell the most clothes in July when the fall clothes come out and people in Iowa have about a month left of summer vacation. This was emphasized with great infographics about when different parts of the country start school, what discounts are offered during different times of the year, and what kinds of things kids are looking for in their school supplies these days.


A huge factor that has changed back-to-school shopping is how influential online shopping is. Only 7.9% of sales are made online, which is 15% higher than last year but it is tricky because stores find it hard to predict what customers will buy online since the internet has different distractions that the store can not control without using posters, employees, or fellow shoppers. Different sites will take each shopper on a different path because it is more direct towards their individual preferences.

The blog gave some good tips on how to cut back on spending, now that us college kids are the ones shopping for our own school supplies. Most shoppers do not know how to use social media correctly to find the best deals, there are blogs out there to help find deals and discounts and the best time to go shopping. Parents of young children have found Pinterest to be a great way to organize ideas of how they will pack their child’s lunches and prepare snacks!

“All in all, Mr. Doyle, this can only lead to one conclusion:” this blog is one I would recommend to visual learners who like to use graphs, those who would like to learn more about a concept we overstep of back-to-school shopping and those who like to be in the know. “Tune in next week for the exciting conclusion: ‘Woody’s Finest Hour’!”


Quote #1: Mean Girls, Quote #2: Rear Window, Quote #3: Toy Story 2



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