“Everything I learned, I learned from the movies”


Don’t ya wish there was a blog to go to where one could learn about new and upcoming movies? It would save so much time in deciding whether or not a movie is worth seeing when someone else’s reviews and commentaries are available to read. The Movie Blog does just that! John Campea began keeping a web based journal in 2001 but quickly discovered that he talked about movies more than anything else so after turning it into a blog just about movies he added more writers to keep a blog about movie reviews, trailers, and anything else one may ask about movies!

The Movie Blog is organized in such a way that any audience member could navigate and understand it. The most recent is towards the top and images of what is being discussed pulls you in as well as bold, descriptive captions. Having different authors of each post mixes it up and keeps the whole blog from getting repetitive.

One particular post is “Must See Movies Released in January 2017” where anyone who had or had not been to the cinema last month could learn more about movies they missed or just wanted to hear someone else’s opinion on what they had watched recently. I learned that a heavy selection of movies that came out last month were based on true events and had a reoccurring theme having to do with the military. Following the short description Jim Alexander, the author of this particular post, inserted a video of the trailers of January’s movies. The trailer was a nice graphic to focus the post’s attention towards and have something other than words.

I would recommend this blog to avid movie lovers in a heartbeat. Anyone that would like to know more about recent movies without reading a spoiler article should read this before or after seeing the movie. It is easy to tell that the whole blog is recent and gets updated frequently so it is sure to be kept active for eons to come!



| Donnelly Blog | I like this stand back perspective of America, we would never hear these thoughts from someone living in the states.




6 thoughts on ““Everything I learned, I learned from the movies”

  1. This post is very upbeat and positive! The movie quote at the beginning was a nice touch. Informative and also helpful as I now know where to get updates on movies! The imagery was also nice, with the GIF adding a funny element.


  2. I like the post! You have a lot of enthusiasm when talking about the movie blog. I’m going to have to check it out for sure! I like the Michael Jackson gif as well. The gif provides humor and a happy vibe.


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